Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dry Erase Picture Frames

Someone recently shared an interesting bit of information with me: Dry erase markers and cleaner work well on glass. I had no idea! So, that sparked a moment where practicality met with creativity. How many times have you frantically searched for a piece of paper to leave a quick note for a family member before hurrying out the door? Wouldn't it be great to have a stylish, decorative medium on which to leave those important, must-see notes? Enter the dry erase picture frame.
I bought this frame at Michael's for $3.49 (not on sale). It is a 5 x 7, though they had larger frames in the same style. A few minutes of crafting, and you have a permanent place to write those important notes. You can use either dry erase cleaner or regular glass cleaner to remove the writing. Another option is to remove the glass and replace it with transparency film (sold at most office supply stores). The frame can be left anywhere for your intended audience to see, or you can attach magnets to adhere it to the refrigerator.
You can also use the dry erase frame to write out your scripture memory verse for the week. A picture of this can be seen if you click on the link for July Swap Cards under the Stamper's 10 Cards heading on the right side of this screen.
Have fun creating these for your home!

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Dayna said...

ohhh such a clever idea! I might make a frame like this with magnets on the back to adhere to my fridge...hmm so many ideas now!

Nice to meet you by the way. I look forward to getting to know you through my football food challenge.